Kansas High School Football Power Rankings

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How PPI works

For those of you not familiar with this unique football power ratings, here's a  summary.

The PPI  statistical formula uses mathematical equations to rank all Kansas high school football teams in their respective classes. Records, points scored (offense) and points allowed (defense) also are  listed each week for all teams eligible for district competition.

What distinguishes PPI from other computer rankings is the starting point. All teams begin the season at the same PPI starting point as the rest of the teams in their class. Class 6A teams begin at 85, Class 5A teams at 80, Class 4A teams at 70, Class 3A teams at 60, Class 2-1A teams at 50 and all eight-man teams at 40. There is no given rating based on the previous season. No guessing how strong a team should be at the start of the season. All teams earn their ratings from their performance on the field for that season. Offense, defense and strength of schedule are the main factors that determine a team's PPI. Strength of schedule is a heavy component of the equation. A victory over a higher-rated team will be worth more than blowing out a weak team.  Also, a victory over a team above you won't necessarily move you past that team. It all depends how close your ratings were and how decisive the win was.

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